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Bodyguard Titan
Personenschutz Titan Bern
Bewaffneter Personenschutz Titan

Personal protection

Discretion is everything
             - both to you and to us!


Personal protection means that you must place unconditional trust in the person protecting you. We have defined two different categories:


  • Low performance = people in danger

  • High performance = people in very serious danger


By dividing clients into these two categories, we can work out a personal protection plan for you and your environment together with the security guard. This concept follows our company motto: Security means quality of life.

Our connections to partner agencies throughout Europe let us offer you, our client, the best possible security at all times.

We would be happy to provide you more information but first require that you identify yourself.


Discretion is everything - both to you and to us which is why we do not publish any photos on this subject.

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