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Gebäudeschutz Titan Bern
Personenschutz Titan Bern
Personenkontrolle Titan Bern


Security guard services




Security services are available both with and without guard dogs. Once this kind of service has been requested, there is already a threat at hand.

We do our job and notify the proper authorities after completion of or during the assignment.


  • Grounds, building protection

  • Garages / car parks

  • Community services

  • Embassies, etc.

  • Traffic services

Inhouse Security




Extensive experience with bouncers, festival surveillance, drafting security concepts for discos, etc.

Excellently-trained staff, both unarmed and armed. As your partner, we place our outstanding infrastructure at your disposal 24 hours a day, whenever you need us.


  • Events, parties, etc.

  • Club bouncers

  • All types of special occasions

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