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Security is quality of life




The need for security has existed since time immemorial and, in line with world developments, has been continually evolving since the overall risk situation is steadily worsening and becoming ever more brutal.


Thanks to its constant deployment in the field of security and the advanced training of its personnel along with the best possible equipment, the Titan Security Group always has a finger on the pulse of the times as far as security matters are concerned.


For many years now, we have been a guarantee for your safety in the areas of personal safety, security, stewarding services, surveillance and a whole lot more. We are your specialized security partner and we would be delighted if you gave us the chance to prove to you our professionalism and consistency within the legal requirements.


We have the necessary security authorizations to operate in many other cantons, too, which underscores the seriousness of our company, since they can only be obtained under strict conditions.

For armed security services in the field of personal protection, cash in transit, stewarding services, trade fairs etc., we have the necessary permits to carry handguns throughout Switzerland.

Two established
security firms merged

On January 1, 1998, two established security firms merged to form TITAN Sicherheits GmbH.

The management has been working in the security sector since 1983. The extensive know-how that comes with this kind of experience benefits both their carefully selected staff and, of course, you as a client.

TITAN Sicherheits GmbH has its own close combat and psychological training facility and consults renowned firearms instructors to guarantee that the staff has the high level training they need.

In addition, we consider it important to arm our staff for special jobs; unarmed security personnel simply cannot properly handle the demands and dangers they face in today's world.

Sicherung mit Wachhund
Objektschutz Titan
Personenkontrolle durch Titan bern
Titan Security
Titan Security, Bern
Eventüberwachung Titan, Bern
Türsteher Bern
Türsteher Titan Security
Ladenobservation Bern
Titan Security GmbH, Bern
Titan Spezialbewachungen, Bern
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